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Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems
Location: USA

1. Business Requirement

Traditional instant messaging applications present a lot of problems and challenges to users.
Requirement Statements:

1. Geocoding – Search Stores near zip code
2. Lack of a flexible Admin/ Control panel for user/ product/ department management
3. Data Security / encryption

4. Advertisement Integration
5. Google Ads Integration
6. Rating System
7. Social Network integration

2. Solution

Based on a client's business requirements below is the list of functionality been implemented into the application

1. Geocoding to Search By Miles from defined zip code
2. Product Categories by Brand, gender etc.
3. Store search result with location from searched zip, distance
4. Google Ads Integration
5. Customized Ads integration, and plans
6. Rating system for every product & Store
7. compare more than two products for get exact information of better product quality

8. Customized advertisement Banners placeholders on website
9. A separate section for most popular products listing. Using ratings and reviews posted by users
10. Facebook Application using Facebook application development SDK, with sharing and like functions
11. iOS / Android applications integration with website
12. Administrator section for manage products, user reviews, ratings, paid reviews, advertisements, affiliate accounts, store location etc.

3. Technology

1. Amazon / eBay / Facebook API’s
2. HTML5 / CSS3 /PHP /Jquery / Ajax
3. MySQL database