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Patil Biotech


Client: HarshalPatil
Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems
Location: Jalgaon India

1. Business Requirement
Traditional instant messaging applications present a lot of problems and challenges to users.

Problem Statements:

1. Missing Dashboard Reports
2. Improper collection of report data from agents
3. Lack of functionality in terms of invoice
4. Higher Bug Count in campaigns and sales quote
5. Tiger CRM functionality Limitations
6. Missing Location tracking system
7. Missing Lab user section
8. Lack of Support Desk Functionality
9. Improper formatting of contacts & leads
10. Limited Calendar and agent Scheduling functionality

11. Lack of Fields and functions in inventory master
12. Additional Functionality of Health Manager, Archive Manager, Logs Manager etc.
13. Additional Android / iOS application
14. Additional Functionality of Campaign to Lead Conversion, Agent Scheduling
15. Missing Farmer Information
16. Missing information of field survey
17. Missing Field survey tracking and lab user functionality

2. How we solved the problem?

Based on a client's business requirements below is the list of functionality been implemented into the application.

1. Administrator Section to manage Agents / Users / Campaigns/ Leads/ Inventory and reports
2. Customized Dashboard for individual users
3. Lab Agent Section
4. Separate Section for Agents and Farmers
5. Store Front
6. Support Desk and Live Chat Support
7. Campaign to Lead Conversion
8. Separate module for Agent / Campaign Scheduling
9. Field Survey Module
10. Lab Feedback with report and History Track
11. Customized Inventory Module
12. New Database with Normalization and Indexing
13. Cronjobs for Notifications
14. Customized reporting section for individual users
15. Android / iOS Application with Offline Data sync

16. Auto Backup, Scheduled Backup options with database and system log reports
17. Application Specific Logs with Error tracking
18. Archive Manager to manage Backups and files
19. Health Manager with Overall System information module
20. Live Location tracking system for agent scheduling
21. Customized and mobile phone optimized user interface with template engine
22. Google Map / Google chart API integration
23. Social Network integration for feed posting
24. Inbuilt Email Client to send and receive emails
25. Request for quote forms
26. Internal Communication system
27. Role based access control system

3. Technology

1. Google Map API
2. Linux Server
3. Cronjob Scripting
4. Python Scripts
5. Google Dart
6. HTML5 / CSS3 /PHP /Jquery / Ajax
7. MySQL database