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INSURANCE - Case Study


Client: Christopher P Category: Enterprise Collaboration Systems

1. Business Requirement

1. To provide information, pay and receive proof of insurance.
2. To allow for issuance of certificates for insurance paid insured for events as required.

3. To renew contracts upon expiration
4. Validating insurance data 5. Online Payment configuration 6. Provide Insurance certificates

2. How we solved the problem?

Based on a client's business requirements below listed functionality is implemented into application.

1. Separate login system for users and administrator
2. Certificate Generation depending on the filled input and predefined certificate template
3. Online Payment System configuration for insurance certificate payment
4. Renew contact option in administrator and user’s area with payment configuration
5. Data encryption and data validation

3. Technology

1., WCF Services
2. HTML / CSS /Jquery / Ajex for frontend
3. SQL Server 2008