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+ Modular Smartphones
It is a simple way for users to individualize their phones, swapping out parts like the battery and camera until users have a phone that's just for them. Ever had the feeling where you look at your phone that’s six months or a year old and think, “I really wish that I could just... Read more
+ How to get the best results from Outsourcing software development projects
While you conceive the notion of outsourcing your software development project; the first things that drive your thought processes is the fear that the initiative may not work as per your plans, the apprehensions that this may not exactly be the most cost effective solution... Read more
+ Mobile Solutions for Businesses in 2014
As 2013 comes to an end; Mobile Internet usage is at an all-time high, with almost 63% of all cell phone owners using mobile devices to go online. While desktops and laptops will remain the primary method of internet usage; mobile usage will become bigger and bigger for... Read more
SDLC stands for SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE SDLC is a process of building an application through different phases. Here the phases are 5 types, ... Read more