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Client say's

-Mike (

A very professional and smart team; They were not my lowest bid, but they were very fair and the only company that figured out what the real problem was and came up with a solution during the bidding process. I was very impressed by their smart questions, answers, and process. They finished the project 5 days ahead of schedule. I will use them again.

Client say's

—Steven Jones(Glorious Tools)

What can I say? These guys know how to execute their job. After some good interactions and showing them what I needed the new application to do; these guys delivered. Within a week they delivered a working copy and they asked me if I needed some changes. I did have some other request and within 10 days I got the working copy in my inbox. They sure baffled me with their working speed.

Client say's

—Glenn Brown (Information Age Technologies, Inc.)

I would recommend Rack InfoTech to anyone. It was a total pleasure to work with them. They lived up to every commitment and delivered the product well tested and on time. They were very cordial and accommodating. I am sure they will be completely successful.

Client say's

—The Fumy

I was VERY satisfied with my work with the Rack InfoTech Team. They were able to write a script that got the job done for me. Even when we hit a snag or two, they were able to fix the problem in a timely manner. VERY strong recommendations for hiring this group.

Client say's

—Tony Mint

This was a very small project used to explore the possibilities of using this provider for larger projects in the future. I am very pleased with the ease of communication in particular and with the overall experience in general.

Client say's


They were a pleasure to work with and very good with English. Everything was completed quickly and before my dead line. I will never use a different contractor again. They will get all my future business.